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Above is the menu for Brunch Ranch, Offsite AWP’s only brunchside reading, featuring writers from Publishing Genius, Future Tense, Mammoth Editions, and Magic Helicopter — and free homemade brunch! 421 Atlanta is hosting the brunch with HTMLGiant, and every menu item is named after one of the readers or their latest book. The brunch will be held at the HTMLGiant Ranch (details on ticket) at 11am on Friday, February 28.
You can get your ticket by purchasing a book on Thursday on the conference floor, either at one of the 421 Atlanta and Vouched Books roving cigar? cigarette? chapbook? tables, or at table Q-24. Tickets are very limited, so make your move early! 
Also, about those roving tables — look for us! The exquisite Lauren Traetto, vicereine of Vouched San Francisco, and I, Amy McDaniel, czarina of 421 Atlanta, will be slinging merch, dressed to the nines, ready to chat about chapbooks. 
At night? Late on Friday, you know you can find us at the FSG Originals Presents Literature Party. Besides that? We’ll be wherever there’s cheap beer, bearded men, dirty hoodies, sweaty bathrooms, and a laundry list of incredible readers.