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At last! Today, Tuesday, September 9, 421 Atlanta, releases a chapbook that I’ve been excited about since the birth of my little press. It was right around Halloween of last year that I hosted an impressive squadron of brilliant men–artists and writers all–to read in my home, the 421. One of those talents, Guy Benjamin Brookshire, showcased his newly e-published The Universe Wars (Publishing Genius), an ecstatic odyssey in collage that, well, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’d met Brookshire just days before, and it was friendship at first quiche, as depicted in John Dermot Woods’s drawing (not pictured: quiche):

04-21-2014 (1)

Drawing by John Dermot Woods


Sitting on hay bales round a bonfire late on the night of the reading, I expressed the desire to see Brookshire’s work in print form. I had just revealed my intention to start a chapbook press, so other revelers, including Woods and Brookshire’s publisher, Adam Robinson, urged to me realize that vision myself. (I needed no urging). During the next month, I launched the press and corresponded with Brookshire about which of several exciting collage-prose projects I would publish. We landed squarely and happily in the realm of New Oldestland, an encyclopedia in chapbook form of the until-now-forgotten doomed colonies of the Latitudinarian Empire.

On my honor–and I don’t use the word lightly–I vouch to you that this chapbook is like no other. The sixteen full-color collages, hand-scissored and pasted, are worth the cover price, but then too there’s the humor, the invention, the meat. An entire world, a whole history.

See you in New Oldestland!