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4 hot books for $40!

Save $20 off the cover price when you buy all 4 books together! You’ll save on shipping, too. Plus, if you’ve already bought one book, you’ll get another copy to give a friend! What a deal!

“With fluency and heart, the poems in Sarah Green’s Earth Science seem to say that beneath the surface of our common lives, our daily pleasures, nothing is stable, not family, nor the neighborhood, not the constellations, not even the sun a child was sure ‘stood still.’ “—Gail Mazur, author Forbidden City

“I only tend to love—really love—a certain hard-to-define kind of poetry. It has to be funny, but the comedy has to be rooted in formal invention. It has to be self-deprecating but also self-celebrating. It has to reject intellectual elitism while upholding conceptual complexity. It has to be simple, but that simplicity has to endlessly reward rereading. Oosh Boosh is the best example of this kind of poetry that I have ever read.”—Mark Leidner

Jane Liddle orchestrates the tragic lows of life, the dead ends, the interpersonal misery, the terror, the inevitable end, as if she was a conductor in front of the most joyously addictive orchestra I can think of. Her characters so startlingly human, so nuanced and real, in fifty instances of murder, I don’t think she has created a single villain.” — Bud Smith, author of F 250

Lay Me Low is a trespasser’s paradise. It sinks the reader into the sublime; it finds mysticism in the usual. The people in Cheney’s poems dictate bizarre requests for their burials; they talk to their horses; they leave their doors unlocked. Cheney’s voice is ancient as the wind, yet reminiscent of a weirdo in a chatroom. Narrative and lyricism have rarely been interwoven with such style and feeling. This book shakes with laughter; it sings with sadness. You must read it immediately.”—Rachel Glaser

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