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Oosh Boosh by Shannon Burns


Order Oosh Boosh by Shannon Burns now and be among the first to receive this important poetry debut.

Poetry | 64 pages | 6 x 8 in. | Perfect bound

Release date: 3/15/2016

It’s the hill enrobed in snow

that sees the sheen of sunny sky

and shows a passing traveler

a strange and rare bouquet—

Advance praise:

“An original mind belongs in poems. Since I first encountered Shannon Burns’ mind in poems I’ve understood that the same astonishment and register of yes and so why not would happen to me every time.  It has.  Her work works the way some kind of universal refresh button for your mind might work.  When one of her poems says But there’s time in life too for the try-anything mood,/without which I would not have this limousine, nor/this long, bright tentacle slapping the highway with light, you might know it’s time you make poetry, maybe Shannon Burns’ poetry, your guidebook.”—Dara Wier

“I only tend to love—really love—a certain hard-to-define kind of poetry. It has to be funny, but the comedy has to be rooted in formal invention. It has to be self-deprecating but also self-celebrating. It has to reject intellectual elitism while upholding conceptual complexity. It has to be simple, but that simplicity has to endlessly reward rereading. Oosh Boosh is the best example of this kind of poetry that I have ever read.”—Mark Leidner